These suites offer some private outdoor space to enjoy the sun.



Five Palms Suite #105

You’ll be mesmerized watching boats cruise up and down the waterway along with frolicking dolphins. Five Palms Resort is all about relaxation and fun.  



Five Palms Suite #110

This waterfront suite boasts all the charm and beach magic you will ever need for that long awaited relaxing vacation.



Five Palms Suite #103

The patio…one of Five Palms simple pleasures. A nice place to relax and unwind after a big day on the beach.



Five Palms Suite #104

This suite has a charming patio, the perfect happy place to enjoy a good book or just relax.



Five Palms Suite #107

Adjacent to this suite is a small but special place we call the patio a quaint place to enjoy a cup of coffee or your favorite libation.



Five Palms Suite #108

What better way to start your day enjoying a good book, a cup of coffee and the warmth of the morning sun from this comfortable patio.



Five Palms Suite #109

The perfect place to savor the shade or sun. Our patio is always cozy and inviting.



Five Palms Suite #208

This quaint balcony suite will command your attention with its magnificent water views, an inviting outdoor space any time of day.



Five Palms Suite #209

Celebrating the unique destination of Five Palms, our guest suites with balconies have an uncomplicated, effortless style and ambience.



Five Palms Suite #210

Our balcony suites Will invite you in like an old friend. Hosting water views and frolicking dolphins offering unforgettable moments that will last a lifetime.